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Superior E-Liquid manufacture the largest independant brand of e-liquids across Europe Our goal is to supply e-liquid to every discount store in Ireland, UK and Europe. It is a premium product at a discount price. Superior E-Liquid currently serves the full Euro General network of stores across Ireland, in addition to multiple independent and small chain discount stores.

We currently supply the Poundland chain of stores in Northern Ireland along with numerous stores on mainland UK - these are now being serviced by our partners PMS International. Our primary business is bottling liquids; we take our carefully created e-liquids and bottle approxbottles per week for branding under any one of our bespoke brands for onward sale throughout the world.

Whilst we are confident our flavours will stand the test of time, we are constantly researching and devleoping new flavours to take to market. Countries We Supply.

Wholesale in Ireland Superior E-Liquid currently serves the full Euro General network of stores across Ireland, in addition to multiple independent and small chain discount stores. Services We Provide. Bottling Our primary business is bottling liquids; we take our carefully created e-liquids and bottle approxbottles per week for branding under any one of our bespoke brands for onward sale throughout the world.The E-Cig market is booming in Europe.

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It is estimated that there are approximately 29 million users of e-cigs in Eu today, and the number is steadily growing. Electronic cigarettes in the EU are used frequently and on a daily basis. Because they fit well into any lifestyle and are simple to use.

Did you know that the word Vape, has been so frequently used that it has actually been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in ?

So why exactly are e-cigs so so popular? Continue reading. For one they do not chain you as a traditional tobacco cigarette does. With an electronic cigarette you can take a draw and set it down, unlike a traditional one that must be smoked from start to finish. Furthermore you can set the exact amount of nicotine you need, or skip it altogether unlike traditional cigarettes where the number is predetermined for you.

Second, the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette will not stench up your house, your clothes, or your car, letting you live and breathe in a better environment. Third, adjusting the level of nicotine helps many back away from traditional paper cigarettes, and instead chose flavors that are nicotine free and unique. Here in the EU, many love the wide range of flavors that are available, as well as the savings that come from using an electronic cigarette.

Many in the EU appreciate the fact that e-cigs contain only 16 ingredients as opposed to the estimated chemicals in traditional tobacco of which are know to cause cancer. In Eu, consumers prefer electric cig tanks and electronic cig juice over 2-piece systems, although these are on the rise as well. Tanks are reputed to provide users with a cleaner taste and are considered easier to refill than the cartomizers found in 2-piece systems. These are the first choice for European vapers.

Though more expensive, these tanks perform better than the standard 2-piece e cigs. The tanks offered by Jac Vapour and other brands are also popular because they are rebuildable, so you only have to replace the coil after 10 refills rather than have to purchase a completely new unit. The products offered by e-cig brands are diverse and appeal to a wide range of audiences. In most simple terms, companies describe their e-cigs as battery driven devices that vaporizes a liquid solution containing nicotine or flavor.

The battery used in the e-cig determines how long the e-cig can be powered. Batteries come as automatic which use 3. Those in the EU generally prefer a bigger vapor production and as such go for the more powerful e-cigs with a 4.

Some even prefer the variable voltage e-cig models. These models offered by top brands allow users to set their desired voltage anywhere between 3. All e-cig batteries use lithium-ion cells. Jac Vapour offers starter kits with a high quality battery. While the company is more pricey than others on the market it remains on top for quality and is the top preferred brand at the moment. The kit contains 1 series-E battery, an additional optional battery, Protank 3 tank and two coils, a USB charger, a beauty ring, and a custom Series-E hard case.

Jac Vapour is not the only popular brand in Eu. V2 kits have also gained popularity in Europe as has Halo. The top picks are the V2 starter kits. These kits includes standard batteries in three sizes as well as classic flavor cartridges, prefilled for you, in addition to the electronic cigarette, charger, and car adapter.

V2 also offers E-Liquid kitsas well as an extended V2 standard kit. Liquid kits are more regulated in the EU.

e liquid europe

This tank system is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle as it is easy to fill, lightweight, and has a top loading tank. Furthermore the Triton Tank system comes with 2 tanks, 2 batteries, a USB adaptor, wall charger, and a padded case and adaptor cone which allows you to use pre-filled cartridges.If you are looking for best e-cigarette or cheap e-liquid you are just in the right place.

E-SHOP pro E-KUŘÁKY - Vapery

We are passionate about e-cig Idea and we do our best to help people to find better and healthier alternative to traditional smoking. E-cigarettes are not created for quitting smoking however they could be helpful, if you are able to use lower nicotine level in e-Juice you use.

E-cigarette are for people who want enjoy pleasure of smoking in healthier, cheaper way. We are cooperating with manufacturers and customers to get the best possible solution for you. Customer Satisfaction is our priority. We listen carefully to all your suggestions about e-cigs and e-juices and forward them to our manufacturers to improve quality of your e smoking. There is no the best e-cigarette. Everything depends on your own circumstances and preferences. Batteries with variable voltage let you set up vaping for your own preferences.

Usually you need exchange coils in your device every 3 weeks. Some stays longer some shorter. Depending also what kind of liquid you use.

Thats depends only from your personal preferences. Before you choose E-Liquid remember that some e-juices are only for occasional vapingas you will not be able eat sweet cookies all day probably you will not be able vape a chocolate all day long.

If you change your mind you can return your order in 10 working days and we refund your money. Product must be in original condition, unused and unopened. A really good choice for advanced vapers. E-cigarette is definitely a good choice. It has amazing flavors, has a great battery life and is extremely convenient to use. It is our policy and our best interest to respect your privacy regarding any information or data we may collect from you.

We developed this privacy policy so it is clear to you how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and otherwise make use of your personal information. We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.E-liquid-shop is the prime online vape store offering top selected electronic cigarettes and the best e-liquids on the market. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to ensure you find what you're looking for.

e liquid europe

We are proud to be one of the first registered e-liquid manufacturers in the Europe, based in Croatia and manufacturing e-liquids only from highest quality ingridients.

Best Sellers. Discover the world of No. Shop now. What's new Trending This Season. Apple Shisha. Mango Harmony. Coffee latte.

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Divine Grape. Dolce Lychee. Gummy Cola. Avocado Milkshake. Fizzy Orangella. We are here and ready to help. Worldwide delivery Respecting your country's regulatives, we are shipping wherever you are! Who We Are? About Us E-liquid-shop is the prime online vape store offering top selected electronic cigarettes and the best e-liquids on the market. IZY Ultra. What's new.

e liquid europe

Glam Vape. DIY Premium. For You.E-mail Address. Forgot your password? We have moved to www. Register E-mail address. Free Shipping On All U. Cheap ELiquid When you buy retail the profits are shared among a bunch of middlemen. Add in a dash of greed and the price goes way up. Buy direct from the manufacturer hey, that's us! We use only the finest ingredients, and our recipes lean towards higher flavor concentrations rather then cut corners.

Traceability All of our pre-steeped e-liquids come with the batch number and born-on date printed on the label. Every mixing step is logged, and batch samples are archived per current Good Manufacturing Practices. Our Top Selling Flavors. From Our Blog. Hunter attempting to repeal and replace regulations Monday April 24, Representative Duncan Hunter CA-R is ready to introduce new legislation that would "repeal and replace" current FDA deeming regulations.

He intends to do so when congress comes back in session next How to get vapor film residue off windshields Sunday April 23, If you vape in your car you may notice that vegetable glycerine tends to leave an oily film on windshields. Its annoying and impairs your vision, but how do you clean it off?

Why do I cough when I vape? Sunday April 23, As a beginning vaper you may find yourself discouraged by coughing a lot at first. If it is any reassurance, it is actually quite normal. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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You must be over the legal smoking age in your state to buy or use this product. If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, please consult your physician before using this product.

This is not a smoking cessation product.You'll even receive bonus e-liquids with every order! From fruit and beverage flavors to strengths that meet your needs, you'll find options that not only taste great and create awesome clouds, but also fit your lifestyle.

Look below to find the best flavors by brand and even an option to DIY and create a flavor as unique as you are.

ADNS E-cigs & E-liquids wholesaler

Whether you want to engulf yourself in the luscious clouds, need less clouds to vape discreetly, or anything in-between, finding that perfect e-liquid is a walk in the park. Click through any option to select the strength and size,and discover the perfect "all day vape". A surefire way of finding a liquid you love is picking one from the top sellers! Looking for a specific brand? Click below to find it and shop their flavors or give a new one a shot.

From the popular Naked to Space Jamand even our own line of e-juices, you can count on quality when you shop VapeWild for the best liquids. Everyone is a winner when you vape Winning e-juice by VapeWild. This tiger's blood flavored e-juice is made from strawberry, watermelon, and coconut, this e-juice is wildly refreshing — try it for yourself! Wake up your taste buds with 8 Second Rush! No need to rush, but you should try a bottle!

VapeWild is introducing A.

Vape Juice

P by The Mamasan! This is your chance to get in on their vape juice as soon as possible! See what we did there? This flavor is packed with crisp apple, sour candy, a punch of strawberry, and slam of peach with a cool breath Hurry quick! The Mamasan A.The electronic cigarette market is booming. The proof? Indeed, smokers tend to head over more and more to the electronic cigarette to eliminate one and for all the classic cigarette from their habits and to wean on long term Thereby, the fuliginous growth of the electronic cigarette sector emerged a multitude of new actors, and various material.

If you search to develop your activity in this sector, a large choice of products is offered to you today, and it may be difficult to identify the expectations of your clients, as well as the latest trends of the market, facing suppliers whose seriousness you ignore. The solution is to approach a wholesaler with a big visibility and a good knowledge of the market, but who is also in contact with the manufacturers and the clients.

All of it allowing to have a huge reactivity and an important selection of products that suits you! Leading in France sincethe ADNS company is specialised in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids for professionals. Over the years, it knew how to impose itself as an essential actor in the electronic cigarette market and counts today more than brands for references.

ADNS wholesaler can send its orders in nearly 50 countries, it is thanks to the ideal location of its locals. Regardless of the domain, ordering his products from an electronic cigarette wholesaler is always an advantage. Indeed, a distributor works everyday with numerous manufacturers and big brands, which gives it a perfect acknowledge of the sector and its main actors.

This acknowledge is a direct advantage, where your wholesaler is best positioned to advise you. A wholesaler has a large choice of products, and as those are bought in very high quantities, it benefits from preferential rates that impact directly your purchase price as a partner. One of the most important points is without a doubt the delivery of the products.

For this, Wholesalers use very much effective systems which allows you to receive your products fast and without any bad surprises. Your clients deserve to enjoy the best e-liquids, and e-cigarettes material.

e liquid europe

Therefore, our specialised team, composed by expert e-cigs users, put a point of honor to select with attention all the products that we propose. Working with ADNS wholesaler in electronic cigarettes is also having the possibility to order high end products in preview, that other stores do not have.

Our experts team follows regularly brands and manufacturers with a high potential and search permanently for the best products at the best price. As an electronic cigarette wholesaler, we are being supplied directly from e-liquids and material manufacturers.

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Thus, ordering its e-cigarettes and its e-liquids at ADNS Wholesaler, it is to make sure to buy quality products whose authenticity is certain. Smokers head over more and more to the electronic cigarette to wean from the classic tobacco and we find today a countless number of products on the market starting from the simplest material to a high end electronic cigarette with a very complete interface.

Each and one of us can find the electronic cigarette that suits him, and therefore ADNS wholesaler has a large choice of products with more than references of material et different e-liquid flavors. As a wholesaler, all the e-cigarette products that we propose are irreproachable in term of quality and fill every regulation in term of security.

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The advantage of getting supplied by a wholesaler in electronic cigarettes is to dispose a large range of products in a single delivery and thereby to make your supply simpler. By ordering from us, you guarantee yourself a simple, efficient and carefree delivery. You avoid by that all the disagreements with orders from China. By ordering at ADNs wholesaler you avoid paying important fees for international bank wire payments, but also importation taxes. Finally, our stock is real, which allows us to send you the products as fast as possible without any delay of multiple weeks.

Thereby, all orders at ADNs wholesaler are sent under 24 to 48 hours. Our expert team help you to find the products that you need in your electronic cigarette store. With their recommendations, you will receive a customised selection to optimise your sales.

Our sales representative team will follow you and advise you on the choice of electronic cigarette material and e-liquids. At ADNS wholesaler, the only order word is the satisfaction of our clients. Plus, as a wholesaler, we can supply you with an opening quote suitable for your situation and your needs.


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